Sharing our knowledge with seniors is a satisfying and fulfilling experience. Our platform that is focused on quality and safety doesn’t just connect seniors to the internet – it also connects them to us, local university students. Our relationships with our clients are symbiotic and supportive while we help them enter a new world that some fear. We don’t just help them bridge the digital divide, but they help us grow as people as we guide them through the world of modern technology.

We are looking for new tutors to add to our friendly, device savvy team. You won’t be an employee – you’ll be an exclusive independent contractor. You’ll have flexibility, time, and the ability to work around your school schedule. If you’re looking for a way to share your knowledge with others, then this job is for you!

You’re an ideal team member if:

  • you prioritize reliability and high-quality service;
  • you have a clean police record and are willing to provide proof;
  • you have a habit of showing up to scheduled appointments at least 5 to 10 minutes early;
  • you do not have a habit of canceling appointments on short notice;
  • you are adept at using all sorts of computer devices, websites, and programs — if it has a screen and buttons, you can often figure out how it works, on the spot;
  • you enjoy teaching others;
  • you are an extrovert and you like working with and spending time with people;
  • you are currently attending a post-secondary educational institution full or part time, or have done so in the last 2 years;
  • you are extremely patient and humble;
  • you can travel freely within a 10 km radius;
  • you own a smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop and are willing to use your device(s) for work;
  • you are fully bilingual; and
  • you saw this job and felt that you’d do great!

    These might not all apply to you. Don’t worry – we still want to see your cover letter and CV if you think you’ll be a good fit! Send them to