“Technology is life changing. You can communicate with friends and family around the
globe, research your health, purchases, or the news, and even shop online. It helps you
stay organized and makes everyday tasks easier. I strongly believe technology can
greatly enhance the quality of anyone’s life.”

Haik Kazarian, Founder

Our founder, Haik Kazarian, started as a University of Ottawa student. He had two simple goals: to help seniors cross the digital divide and to provide students with a rewarding job with flexible hours. He wanted to share the benefits of technology with others, and truly believed that he could make a difference in the lives of others by doing so. Haik’s family and friends saw the value in this goal and encouraged him. With the help of Anton Sestritsyn, a Carleton University student, Haik found a way to combine both goals. On June 1, 2014, Students for Seniors was launched.

Today, Students for Seniors provides a patient, respectful learning environment for people of all ages, matching knowledgeable, screened students with anyone who wants to learn how to use a technological device. Our tutors help people explore the world, stay up-to-date with news, connect with loved ones, and make everyday tasks easier by showing them how to use their devices. We have a proven record of customer satisfaction and have served hundreds of people in the Ottawa-Gatineau and greater Montréal regions. We work with many local retirement communities and organizations, including the Council on Aging of Ottawa, on a regular basis.

We are now working with Futurepreneur and Business Development Canada. This means that we are always working on our services and curriculum, making them as accessible and effective as possible. We provide our customers with high-quality service and always strive to improve.

We will continue to empower our elders and bring technology to the lives of others as we grow. We are always building on our successes and will continue to provide high-quality personal service at competitive prices long into the future.

For more information about Students for Seniors, click here to read an English Fulcrum article we
were featured in titled Bridging the Age Gap: How Students Enrich the Lives of Seniors.

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  1. I am seeking some technical help. Do you offer that ?

    Also, is Haik still involved ? (I met him when he was starting Students for Seniors)

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