We are a network of post-secondary students tutoring our local seniors on how to get the most out of their technology. We offer private or group tutorials, custom instruction manuals and other technology-related services.

“Technology is life changing. We can communicate with friends and family around the
globe, conduct research about our health, purchases, or the news, and even shop online. It helps us
stay organized and makes everyday tasks easier. I strongly believe technology can
greatly enhance the quality of anyone’s life.”

Haik Kazarian, Founder
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How it Started

Haik started this company straight out of University having studied entrepreneurship as his specialization at the Telfer School of Management of uOttawa. He had two goals: to help create value in others’ lives and to provide others with a rewarding jobs. The idea to have university students teach seniors how to use modern technology came to him one day on campus during presentations class and became his goal after witnessing an older gentleman, likely a professor, struggling with his smartphone. This sparked the beginning of Students for Seniors Inc. With the help of Anton Sestritsyn, a Carleton University student and good friend, Students for Seniors was registered in Ontario on June 1, 2014.

What we’re up to Today

Today at Students for Seniors, we provides a convenient, condescension-free, and results-oriented learning environment for people of all ages. We match knowledgeable, qualified students with anyone who wants to learn how to use any device. We now have a proven record of satisfied customers and have served hundreds of people in the Ottawa-Gatineau and greater Montréal regions. We work with many local retirement communities and organizations, including the Retirees in Motion, The Council on Ageing of Ottawa, The MIFO, and various retirement residences from Orleans to Westborough. Lastly, our new internal application will enable us to open new cities in the near future

We also received funding from Futurepreneur and BDC, as well as IRAP from the NRC to help boost our reach.

Our Plans for the Future

We will continue to empower our elders and bring technology to the lives of others as we grow. We are always expanding and building on our successes to continue to provide high-quality personal service at competitive prices long into the future.

For more information about Students for Seniors, contact us or click here to read an English Fulcrum article we were featured in titled Bridging the Age Gap: How Students Enrich the Lives of Seniors.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello Hiak and staff,
    Just reading about you and your organization. Very much needed.
    I am a senior and live in a co-op. Do you charge for your services ?
    If so, is there a Govt. Program that would subsidize some of the Seniors who live in Co-ops.
    I was also a full time volunteer who did volunteer work all over Ontario for 25 years for free.
    I am still doing some volunteer work but through telephone and Internet.
    There are many seniors who can use your services.
    Thank You

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