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Custom Instruction Manuals

Students for Seniors custom instruction manuals

Instruction manuals should empower us to use our device with confidence – but standard ones sometimes use unfamiliar jargon, are only available online, or don’t include the specific things you need.
Our tutors understand this and are committed to making sure you get the instructions you need. They can create clear, personalized instruction manuals tailored to your skill level and for your particular device.
Choose from three options:
- Text-only: (point form cheat sheet),
- With some visuals sourced online, or
- Fully visual instruction manuals containing actual photos and screen captures of your devices.
Minimum 10 pages per order.
Ask your tutor for more information about our custom instruction manuals today!

$1 per page

Size 18 text, only point-form custom instructions

$3 per page

Size 18 text, point-form custom instructions with some visual aids that are sourced on the internet.

$5 per pagee

Size 18 text, point-form custom instructions with screen captures of your device and fully visual guides.