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Presentations and Workshops

Students for Seniors workshops and presentation for seniors

When done right, workshops can be a cheaper but effective and fun learning tools. Workshops for between 5 to 15 persons are available throughout the year for community centers, retirement communities, and any other organization that represents or serves seniors.
Some topics require multiple workshops to cover in full. Virtual workshops are also available.
Available topics: Basics of technology – for beginners and those with no experience at all
Online fraud prevention and the advantages of technological literacy
Intro to Windows – Intro to Mac OS – Intro to iOS – Intro to Android
Intro to the internet
Intro to emailing
Intro to social media
Intro to Instant Messaging Platforms
Intro to word processing
Online shopping
Online banking
Online selling
Organizing files and folders
much more!

If you think a workshop is right for you, ask your community’s activities manager to schedule a free* workshop today!
If you represent a community center, retirement community, or any other organization that represents seniors, contact us to request a free* workshop today!
*Free workshops are available for each senior-oriented organization or group of seniors, once a year. Students for Seniors Inc. does not provide the presentation area, which should include seating and access to a projector or a large screen.
As we have a proven record of successful workshops, past workshop hosts have offered to recommend our services.
Please let us know if you wish to contact them.

$75 per presentation hour

minimum 1.5 hours