When technology stops working, it can be extremely frustrating! Our tutors understand this, and are knowledgeable about how to use all modern devices. Your tutor may be able to troubleshoot your device’s issues or fix simple problems for you! However, our tutors’ specialty is how to use the devices, not how to fix them. If important repairs are necessary or beyond the scope of your tutor’s knowledge, they will happily refer you to a trusted technician with the skill set to solve your device’s issue. Our tutors are committed to helping you stay connected to your friends, family, and the world through your device.

Your tutor will even go a step further for a small fee! He or she can transport your device to the technician and receive a free repair quote for your device. He or she will report back to you with the quote and get your device fixed for you if you consent. You tutor will return the device to you, too!

The cost of transporting your device to the technician for a quote will vary depending on your location. The cost of repairing your device will also vary depending on your location and what your device’s issue is.

Call us or ask your tutor for more information.

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